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The Horseshoe Crab Link

I was wondering why I have had 3 orders for my Horseshoe Crab Note card in the past 2 weeks. I am thrilled to have more orders, and excited that customers love horseshoe crabs like I do. But it seemed odd.

When I did a quick search, I came across this article about how a substance in the blue blood of horseshoe crabs is being used to make vaccines. Now a Swiss-based pharma company is making clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine using the blood from the Horseshoe Crab. Could this be why there seems to be more interest in the Horseshoe Crab lately?

I am amazed by this, and a little stunned. They extract the blood from a vein near the heart, and then return the horseshoe crabs to the sea. They sometimes die, but some survive. Their populations are now declining.

So we have a source for a possible vaccine for this virus that is drastically affecting our world population; will we use this ancient creature to the point that is no longer thrives, and in affect, threatens other species, because many migratory birds rely on horseshoe crabs as their main food source.

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